Thursday, 4 March 2010

More Time Period

Another artist who was working at the time was Arthur Melville (1858-1904), his almost 'blocky' watercolours are truly beautiful. I am drawn to his use of colour and the simplicity and detail that merged into one.

Time period.

Rushen Coatie was thought to have been written around 1890, so when looking into Scottish artists of the time i have found the obvious and very stylized, Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

However it is not these images that i am taking my inspiration but these drawings i have discovered. I like the use of colour, and the way he used white space. Austin pointed out in our "group meeting", that consisted of only me and Austin, that there is almost a typographic layout look to his drawings. He draws a landscape in a portrait page, almost as if trying to make a portrait out of it.

Another aspect of Mackintosh's work that i want to reflect in my work is the way he handled type within his work.

Rushen Coatie.

The scottish tale of Cinderella is called Rushen Coatie. This version of the story has a red calf as the Fairy God Mother character and she meets her prince charming at the church on Yuletide, there are also three ugly sisters as opposed to two.

Here is an example of how the story as been illustrated before:

First. Things. First.

Second Project.
For this project i am planning on creating a series of books which tell the variations of the Cinderella story, from the one we commonly associate with to the older, less famous variants.
The idea behind this project is to get me to think about my visual style, try and create a collection of work that sits well together and apart, and try to focus on my narrative skills.